European Marine Equipment Council


The term ?a href="/marine_equipment/index.asp">marine equipment?refers to all products and services supplied for the building, conversion, and maintenance of ships (seagoing and inland). This includes technical services in the field of engineering, installation and commissioning, and ship maintenance (including repair).


The European Marine Equipment Council (EMEC), which represents the European marine equipment industry, consists of 13 European trade associations from Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany (two), Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


EMECrid, the Group of European Equipment Suppliers for Innovation, Research and Development, is the group of EMEC in charge of the matters devoted to R, D and I. The fundamental requirements related to the activities and structure of EMECrid are defined by the EMEC General Assembly.


EMECnet is the first and exclusive network of Marine Equipment firms in Europe. Offering unique networking and lobbying opportunities in Europe and maintaining a social network of industry leaders, its goal is "To ensure European Marine Equipment to maintain world leading status and technological edge through influencing policy and providing support to policy decision makers"